About Us

Pictures from FOMA 2013

The FOMA was organized for the purposes of advancing the science and art of osteopathic medicine; extending the benefits of scientific advancement to the treatment, prevention, and alleviation of human ailments; and promoting closer relationships between the osteopathic profession, FOMA members, and other groups dedicated to improved health care. The FOMA represents the osteopathic profession in Florida’s state government.

Our public relations program educates the public on osteopathic medicine. By communicating with government officials and consumers, we create better understanding of our profession and improve the professional climate in which we must practice.

Working together through committees, we form a network of voluntary efforts in all phases of health care. Joining together, we represent an expanse of knowledge and ideas as broad as those of our combined membership and as diversified as the many specialties we represent.

The FOMA District Society 2 (FOMA DS 2) is one of 17 geographical districts, called District Societies, which are affiliates of the FOMA. FOMA DS 2 serves the counties of: Baker, Bradford, Clay, Columbia, Duval, Hamilton, Lafayette, Nassau, St. Johns, Suwannee, and Union. It is the mission of FOMA DS 2 to apply the FOMA values listed above in service of our members and symposium attendees with the ultimate goal of bettering care for our patients.